How to Decorate Your Daughter’s Room Who Has Just Entered Teenage?

Designing a teenager’s room is quite a challenge since you need to take care of the tastes of adolescence. A perfect blend of both adult and kiddish choices is what that is required for creating a den most liked by your children in the entire house. If you are clueless then go through the ideas of an interior designer in Kolkata, as have been discussed here.

Walls Filled With Fantasy

Use magnetic paint on the walls so as to adorn them with magnet stickers, paintings or pictures from time to time as per the mood of your daughter. This is not just innovative but indeed a cost-effective means for making the room unique and fun-filled.

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Furniture Selection

If your teenage daughter is still lost in the world of the fairytale princesses then bring in a Sleigh or Canopy bed adorned with sheer curtains that will add elegance to the room. A curvaceous couch and dresser with engravings in it and lacquered in silvery white will complement the light pink or fuschia of the canopy bed and the walls. Whatever furniture items you use, do not forget to keep a wardrobe that will rightly fit into the available space. Whereas, choose from a Futon or Platform bed that is sleek and space-saving, for a contemporary style of decor.

Comfortable Flooring for that Delicate Feet

Whether you are using a marble or wooden flooring doesn’t matter much so long as it offers comfortable movement and is well decorated. Instead of placing a large carpet throughout the room, opt for area rugs that are available in a huge array of patterns and designs. The hand tufted three-dimensional rugs are very in and put life to the floors without costing you much.

Proper Illumination

Appropriate lighting in the room is necessary for the various activities of your child such as bedtime reading, studying or romanticizing that is what the teens tend to do most. Bedside lamps and task lighting would be appropriate. Play with the colour or texture of lampshades so that they never appear boring.

Window Treatments for Enhancing the Beauty

Curtains in a teen’s room are not merely used for keeping off the sun or maintaining privacy but to make the theme more convincing. For instance, you can use a floral or butterfly-printed curtain to match that fairytale theme of the room as has been mentioned earlier. If the room is not big enough then treat the windows with blinds or sheer curtains.

Arrangement for the Study Time

A comfortable study area is essential during these growing years to avoid the risk of developing any musculoskeletal problem. The table, chairs, and the adjoining shelf or cabinet can be customized as per the chosen theme. Make sure that sufficient distance is maintained from the bed. The best location for the study area would be a corner of the room.

A Dose of Freshness

During this period of romanticism, flowers are the sole inspiration for a girl. Besides, a bunch of freshly plucked flowers in colours similar to those used in the room will act as a natural accessory and make the room livelier. Decorative glass or metal vases also add detail to any decor type.

Importance of Mirrors

Mirrors framed with an ornate metal or any customised picture of a Disney princess must be kept in the room to fulfil the purposes of dressing up, makeup or for simply admiring the self in each and every moment of this exquisite journey of turning into a woman. The reflection on the mirror also gives an impression of added space that in turn will expand the room visually.

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Taking Your Enterprise A Way Ahead

All of you know the saying that the first impression is the last impression. This is the policy that works for shops or commercial spaces. Shop interior design lays major emphasis on its presentation which consequently induces a positive effect on the overall business.

Shop interior design

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