6 Secrets Behind an Inspiring Bedroom

Your bedroom is the only place in your house that you can decorate or design as per your personal taste. But whatever you do, the room should appear warm and invite you to relax in it. Often you get confused with your choices and to make you get rid of it we have discussed here some ideas of the top interior designers in Kolkata.

Gorgeous and Neat

Create a navy accent wall behind the bed while keeping the rest of the walls. Hang a meshed pendant light that matches the colour of the area rug. Use a combination of white, mustard yellow, and grey in lighter tones for the fabrics. Get a simple grey bed and headboard with clean lines. Small wooden side tables and cylindrical table lamps complete the frame.

Nature by Your Side

Adding an extended balcony to your bedroom can help you enjoy the natural view or relax in privacy. Place a bed with raw wooden finish amidst all-white surroundings. Play with textures or patterns in matching colours for the cushions and rugs while keeping the bed linens and pillows white. Use jute accessories and a small stool made of it, near the bed.

Soothing and Sober

You can never go wrong with a palette of subtle colours when decorating any small to a mid-size bedroom. If you have purchased a naked flat then plan spaces for large framed glass doors and windows. Paint the walls in light creamy yellow to combine with the whites of the furniture, door, and windows. Place chests of drawers with glass tops on either side of the bed. The spotlights in the ceiling illuminate the room as needed along with a traditional chandelier adding a hint of elegance. The white wooden headboard with protruding lines and patterned frills in it looks great with the olive greens of the bedspread and curtains. Do not forget to throw in some patterned cushions.


Quirky but Enticing

The olive green upholstered wall behind the bed catches the eye without making your bedroom appear the least boring in spite of such neutral shades throughout. The simple white bed with a plain headboard is complemented by the uniquely shaped white pendant lights hanging on either side of the bed. Treat the windows with sheer white curtains flanked by the slightly heavy ones in light brown. Add a dash of colour by using a shiny, maroon cushion.

The Royal Way

Use a light shade of royal blue on the walls and square table lamps in a metallic gold finish to bring out a lavish effect. Choose an electric blue throw in a pattern of circles along with printed, and shimmery fabrics in maroon or orange for the cushions. Bring in the side tables with a raw wooden finish to match the wooden headboard decked with intermingling square and rectangular frills.

bed room

Bright and Airy

If the layout of your bedroom allows enough space for windows throughout the room then go for it. Create a combination of blue and white with a traditional blue-lacquered wooden bed. Add a splash of mint green in the form of a bed rug. Keep the bed linens, ceiling and the windows white. Paint the walls in a matching neutral colour. Go with minimum furniture items that include leggy wooden side tables and a simple high bench in front of the bed. Paint all of these in white to add brightness to the room. A patterned area rug in the blue-white combination and sheer white curtains will complete the decor of your room.

The ideas mentioned above have always been a great hit. But this is not the end since no interior design is static. You can use your own creative juices to help you come up with more innovations just as we do. We are a reliable interior designing company in Kolkata, named, Transterior. We have solutions for all your interior requirements at the homefront and the corporate spaces as well.


7 Ways to Plan Your Living Room Furniture Since Less is More

There is no need to get disheartened if your living room is not that spacious. There are several ways of making it aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Whatever decor you choose, your space must not appear clumsy since this is the place where you chill with your friends and family, entertain guests and even sign important deals. The living room serves you in different ways in different situations and therefore, a proper decor of this area is necessary. Enlisted below are a few tricks by the top interior designers in Kolkata, which will surely help you out.

Furniture Selection

If you don’t wish to make your living room appear like a furniture store then do avoid a dark coloured sofa set or a heavy chair. Get leggy, transparent and light coloured furniture items, instead. For example, a glass top table with thin legs will occupy less floor space than a boxy coffee table. Whatever you bring in, make sure that they do not obstruct the view from any part of the room.

Interior decorators in Kolkata


Get sleek, stylish pieces of furniture and balance them with some empty space in the room. Do not align your sofa or the sitting area with the doorway since it will cause an interruption in your conversations with people moving to and fro. Use of an extra furniture on the way to the sitting area simply prevents easy access to it. Go for a single big sectional sofa instead of a set of chairs or separate tables. Too many items restrict free mobility in the room.

Colour Palette

Use neutral shades for painting the ceiling and the walls. Keep the accessories and furniture in the neutral colours as well. This will create an illusion of space making the room appear bigger than its usual size since the eyes won’t face any obstruction in this all-neutral ambiance.

Proper Scaling

Select, or arrange your living room furniture in a manner that each of them differ in height in an ascending or descending order. The furniture sizes should match with that of the room. Say, if your living room is narrow then get a bench-style coffee table.


Instead of cramping the living room with separate shelving units or cupboards, opt for furniture items that also act as storage spaces. You can add concealed cabinets to your dewan or use round-shaped ottoman stools instead of chairs. Utilize the corners and wall space for mounting cubbies or floating shelves to store as well as display your possessions.

Dual Function

Furniture with dual functionality is the ultimate choice for the small living room. Go for a coffee table that can be adjusted in height so as to serve as a dining table as and when required. A cosy upholstered ottoman stool can transform into a coffee table with the addition of a tray to it. You may hire any of the interior decorating services in Kolkata for getting your furniture customised.

Seat by the Window

A reading nook or sitting arrangement by the window always works in a living room, especially if it is not that large in size. Use the space beneath the window to create a bench with some compartments under it for storage.

Let your creative juices flow and think of more innovative ways to make your little living space beautiful and tidy. You can even consult any of the interior designing companies in Kolkata like Transterior. This is the name I would recommend since I was amazed by the way they decorated my 1 BHK flat with a selective colour scheme, accessories, and furniture.

Making your Intimate Space More Cozy and Unique

bedroom design ideas

Of all the other spaces of the house, the bedroom is the most private and intimate one where you get closer to your inner self at the end of the day. The art of relaxing has taken up a stylish turn in the contemporary times and if you too, wish to experience it then we are here with innovative bedroom design ideas.

Looking for a pristine bedroom with an upgraded decor? We are here to assist you in making your much-loved space aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Backed by professional architects and designers, we are able to provide you with a plethora of bedroom design ideas.

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We come up with breathtaking bedroom design ideas for people who value creativity. From clean lines to detailed ceilings, whatever you want shall be given a shape by our skilled individuals. With all the modern day furnishings and designs, we ensure that your bedroom does not appear as a mere display of them. We strive at rendering a soothing character to your most private space because it is the place where you tend to relax at the end of the day.

Other than out-of-the-box bedroom design ideas, we also offer you a wide array of custom-built furniture for your bedrooms. What makes us a reliable company to invest in is that we provide on-time handover of products whether you purchase it directly or via our website. An assured after-sale service gives you a more concrete reason to trust and depend on us.

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