A Living Room that Puts Life Into Each Moment You Spend There

The living room does not always have to be designed as per the taste of others. It is you who are going to spend your leisure at the end of the day and get close to your family. The type of ambience you are fond of can be recreated within your home just by following the given tips from an interior company in Kolkata.

A Perfect Corner for Chilling Out

For a cottage like a feel, arrange cosy sofas near the window to enjoy the view of the outdoors. Besides, you don’t need to switch on the lights during the day for reading purpose. You may opt for a folding cot instead, to add a vintage touch to the decor. Even if you place the formal sofa and table at the centre of the room, don’t forget to create that cosy nook.

Welcoming and Airy

If your living room is blessed with a tall height and window walls then try to enhance their effectiveness by using sleek and white furniture. Paint the walls with a bright hue and get minimalist accents to maintain a clutter-free ambiance.

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Display Your Collectibles

Wall vignettes not just add up to the living room decor but can also be used to display your cherished moments that you would like to be reminded of, at your free time. All you need to do is to hang a few shelves on the wall, in a particular order, and place photos or collectibles from your previous vacation.

A Dramatic Use of Textures

Choose from ethnic rugs to exotic wall hangings for adorning the floor and walls respectively. The backs of the chairs and sofas can be draped with blankets in a complementing or contrasting colour. For a slightly bold look, use cowhide or sheepskin to add a decorative touch to the furniture. The wood carvings of the furniture, table runners, throws, floor rugs, textured panelling or wallpaper- the options are many to choose from and each of these has a different effect on the room.

transterior livingroom

The More the Merrier

A chandelier hanging from the ceiling is obvious in a living room but what about trying something new? Use a cluster of pendant lights to suspend on either side of the sofa or in any corner of the room. These are available in a variety of shapes and designs these days or you can even customise them as per the theme of your room. You need to treat the room with multi-degree lighting so that you can use them according to the required mood. For instance, the reading nook can be illuminated with a LED lamp to avoid any stress on the eyes.

Mirrors for that Ethereal Feel

An oversized mirror in a decorative frame hung on the wall opposite to the window can impart a visual depth to the room and also induce brightness through the reflection of the light. Instead of a single mirror, you can make a grouping of mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

Colour Palette Selection

The selection of the ceiling colour is required to be done before you bring in the furniture to match its colour. A colour scheme of 2 to 3 tones is necessary to make your living room appear sophisticated. Keep the wall colour different from that of the ceiling to break the monotony. Colours are symbolic of different moods and therefore you can choose them according to the type of emotion they evoke in you.

Wise Use of Fabrics

Matching window drapes, cushions and area rugs can work wonders for your living room decor. Display an array of different fabrics in the form of cushions thrown into the sofa or armchair, a rug laid casually on the pouffe or the ottoman stool. Floor or area rugs help in demarcating zones meant for separate activities within the same room.

If you are still confused with the choice of the colour palette or fabrics, seek help from Transterior. They are indeed one of the top interior designers in Kolkata and that is evident in my bedroom decor that still mesmerizes me and my guests.


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